Hotel Being Sued Over Black Mold

Another hotel is being sued due to black mold and it’s effects. While this is not the first time, we at have seen this happen. We are working with more hotel’s by giving access to our entire line of Green Bean Products, including the Molderizer Kit.

Read how the entire shakedown happened and how now a hotel chain is paying $1,000’s in legal fee’s and damages.

Friendswood resident Stacy Johnson is suing Park Management Group and Sun Suites Interests alleging she was sickened by toxic mold in a hotel room.

Johnson’s lawsuit, filed Feb. 1 in Galveston County Court at Law No. 1, alleges the plaintiff fell ill on Aug. 3, 2010, as a result of toxic mold found in a room at Sun Suites of Clear Lake in Houston.

Park Management Group was responsible for the safety and habitable state of the rooms at the property in question while Sun Suites Interests owned said property, the suit says.

The original petition shows subsequent tests confirmed that the mold was in Johnson’s room and it was recommended that she not stay in the room.

According to the complainant, the defendants “knew or should have known that the dangerous condition, toxic mold, existed on said premises, but failed to warn and/or failed to correct the said dangerous condition.”

“The toxic mold caused the plaintiff’s personal injuries and property damage in question,” the suit says.

Johnson consequently sues for physical pain, mental anguish, physical impairment, loss of earnings and medical expenses and seeks a jury trial. Read the full story here.

The creator of Molderizer is reaching out to hotel owners to help subside the costs of a mold remediation project. Also, offering it’s professional mold guides and webinars to get rid of their mold issues, without having to spend $1,000’s.

The CEO, states:

“I am already working very closely with large hotel chains right now. In fact, one of the reasons why we are now releasing the new Molderizer formulas to the public instead of just mold remediations (as how it was previously) is because we see and hear the demand.”

Complimentary Molderizer Kit Sample to help hotel chains get control of their mold problem is currently available for a limited time. Get access to your Molderizer Kit complimentary sample today.


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